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Matching Programs

Water Systems

This program looks at a number of factors that make up our water systems. Students will learn to appreciate water as a valuable resource. Activities such as dipping for invertebrates to look for "indicator species" that indicate the health of a wetland, are carried out as part of a wetland assessment.

Biological Communities of Aquatic Systems

Through active participation in sampling and inventory techniques, students will conduct a comparative analysis of the biological communities of two aquatic environments... marsh and stream.

School Spirit Day

School Spirit Day is a fun, inclusive, interactive day for students and staff, ideal for the beginning or end of the school year. The program, beginning this September, is designed for large groups who want an active, character building day in the out of doors.

Diversity Of Living Things Grade 11

Understanding the importance of bio-diversity is critical if we hope to maintain a healthy environment. Through tasks and activities, students learn about the importance of bio-diversity and threats to it.

Forces Causing Movement and Kite Flying

Students learn about the concept of Forces Causing Movement through outdoor exploration, hands-on experiments and by using investigative techniues and equipment.

River Systems

Wear hip waders to investigate the physical characteristics of a river and measure water flow and velocity. Observe valley features and significance of a river watershed.

Daily and Seasonal Changes

Explore the daily and seasonal cycles in nature by examining the effects on plants and wildlife. Optional fall, winter, or spring focus.


Examine living things along the trails to identify characteristics used for classification. Focus on bio-diversity in specific habitats. Compare cold & warm-blooded animals, invertebrates/vertebrates.

Archetype Sustainable House Program, High School Level

Students will tour two LEED platinum certified houses which demonstrate a host of sustainable technologies that are available now and in the future.

Appreciation Of Nature

This seasonally based program uses sensory awareness activities to introduce young children to nature.