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TO6 - Lambton Mills Bridge Abutments

General Description
Lambton Mills Bridge AbutmentThis site was the first Dundas Street crossing of the Humber River. Lambton Mills was a transportation hub, and there were a series of bridges on this site between in 1811 and 1955. The existing abutments supported various historic bridges and were completed circa 1880. The last of the truss bridges, which was engineered by the notable Frank Barber, consulting engineer and Vaughan Township Engineer and built in 1907, was removed in 1955. This site is incorporated into The Shared Path/Le Sentier Partagé: Toronto Historical Park, launched in spring 2011.


General Information Physical Components
Bridge No. TO6 Type Concrete abutment
Jurisdiction City of Toronto Span Single
Year Built 1907 Dimensions N/A


Evaluation Form Check
Design / Physical Value
I. It is rare, unique, or representative of an early example of a style. Type expression, material or construction method.
II. Displays a high degree of craftsmanship or artistic merit
III. Demonstrates a high degree of technical or scientific achievement
Historic / Associative Value
I. Has direct association with a theme, event, belief, person, activity, organization, or institution that is significant to the community
II. Yields, or has the potential to yield, information that contributes to an understanding of the community or culture
III. Demonstrates or reflects the work or ideas of an engineer, builder, or designer who is significant to the nation or community
Contextual Value
I. Is important in defining or supporting the character of the area
II. Is physically or historically linked to its surroundings
III. Is a landmark


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