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Fish Tales - Toronto Harbour Acoustic Telemetry Study

TRCA and researchers from Carleton University partnered to study the habits and movements of aquatic species in the Toronto Harbour. In this informative video, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how fish were tracked, studied and how the information will be used by experts in the future.


Advisory Panel Recommendations Get it Right

Earlier this year, the Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition (CAMC) released their Report Card on the environmental health of the Oak Ridges Moraine and Greenbelt. It revealed water quality in streams and rivers was becoming increasingly degraded. The Report Card called for renewed partnerships, tools and funding to enhance and restore natural heritage and water resource systems. The Advisory Panel listened and agreed.


Kortright Centre incorporates Aboriginal perspectives into its programming

The Kortright Centre for Conservation is working to incorporate an Aboriginal perspective throughout its programming.


Expert Advisory Panel Recommendations Can Help Prepare Toronto Region for the New Climate Era

TRCA responds positively to the recommendations coming out of the Four Plans Advisory Panel and looks forward to their implementation by the Ontario government.


1830s beer recipe rediscovered, Benson's Strong Ale

Our Black Creek Historic Brewery has a new brew available at the LCBO. This ale is our interpretation of Thomas Benson's recipe for "Strong Beer".