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Environmental Leaders and Local Heroes Recognized

Nov 08, 2010


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(TORONTO - November 8) -  At the Charles Sauriol Environmental Dinner for The Living City© on November 3rd,  awards were presented to organizations exemplifying  Toronto and Region Conservation's (TRCA) vision for The Living City, "where human settlement can flourish forever as part of nature's beauty and diversity". The three awards represented each of the Living City objectives for healthy rivers and shorelines, regional biodiversity and sustainable communities. 

Nominations were submitted by TRCA staff then evaluated and selected by TRCA Directors.   The Greenspace award, presented by the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust (ORMLT) was also awarded to recognize the significant contribution by a private landowner to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine.

The 2010 Living City and Greenspace Award Recipients are:

Greenspace Award winner:

Awarded to: The Glassco Family

Ms. Jane Glassco's appreciation of the Oak Ridges Moraine has resulted in securement in perpetuity of 379 acres of rolling moraine hills surrounding a deep, natural kettle lake and wetland areas - the 88 hectare Hall Lake-Kennifick Provincially Significant Wetland Complex in King Township. Protection of this green space was not a simple and straightforward transaction. Until shortly before her death earlier this year, Jane worked to ensure that the lands she loved and enjoyed for many years, that were equally important to her children and grandchildren, were fully covered by conservation easements.  Four individual parcels were registered - each negotiated at different times. Securement of an unopened road allowance -now also covered by a conservation agreement - is only part of the demonstration of Jane's devotion to ensuring the continuity and protection of greenspace.

Since 1946; the Glassco family and their friends, as well as schoolchildren and volunteers from King Township, have planted over 1,000,000 trees to help stop erosion and create many hectares of new forests that are now carefully managed and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Their property also includes a sheep farm that has been certified organic since 1995, making it one of the oldest organic sheep farms in Ontario. Connections between sustainable agricultural practices, land and water uses, the past and future are well recognized in this deserving Greenspace Award.

Living City Healthy Rivers and Shorelines Award

Awarded to Waterfront Toronto for the East Bayfront Integrated Stormwater Management System at Sherbourne Park

Waterfront Toronto is leading the development of clean water technology in Ontario by constructing an innovative stormwater management system in East Bayfront that is integrated into the design of the area's public realm. This integrated approach - a first for Ontario and Canada - allows required infrastructure to be beautiful, functional, sustainable and cost-effective. It will serve as a model for city-builders and is setting a new standard for stormwater management processes.  Stormwater is conveyed to Sherbourne Park where it is treated in a UV Purification Facility in the basement of the Park's pavilion. The water then flows through three dramatic art pieces and a water channel running the length of the park and is returned 99.9% clean into Lake Ontario.

Living City Regional Biodiversity Award

Awarded to The W. Garfield Weston Foundation for Monarch Teacher Network - Canada

With the generous support of The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, Toronto and Region Conservation and the Educational Information and Resource Centre (New Jersey) have partnered to re-establish Monarch Teacher Network-Canada in response to the recognition that the Monarch butterfly, a migrating "citizen" of three countries was facing serious population fluctuations.

By employing a "train the educator" model, teachers from across the country are taking up the challenge of not only investing their own personal efforts into ensuring that this unique migratory butterfly and its' habitat are protected, but also the efforts of their students, school and local communities.  Upon completion of the two-day workshop, Teaching and Learning with Monarch Butterflies, educators from both the formal and non-formal education systems are thoroughly prepared with information, skills and support tools necessary to inspire awe and passion from learners of multiple grade levels  and abilities.  Participants learn about the ecology and conservation efforts directed towards Monarch butterflies, but are also actively engaged in the tagging process, feeding, and raising of Monarchs.  They leave with the knowledge, materials and passion to produce an outstanding learning experience for their students.

It takes the efforts of scientists and policy makers to map the landscape and define the situational problems for any species at risk, but it takes the educator to motivate the long term understanding and shift in the community and amplify the message year over year, class over class, student over student.   Species at risk cannot be saved in one day, through one presentation or by one organization:  it takes partners, and it takes a network - Monarch Teacher Network-Canada.

Living City Sustainable Communities Award

Awarded to LoyaltyOne for their leadership in Partners in Project Green: A Pearson Eco-Business Zone

LoyaltyOne is a Steering Committee member of Partners in Project Green, an initiative to transform the area surrounding Toronto Pearson into a world-class region known for its competitive, high performance, and eco-friendly business climate. LoyaltyOne's leadership in Partners in Project Green, as demonstrated through their implementation of cutting edge strategies as part of their overall sustainability strategy, has been a signal to the rest of the community that not only is sustainability possible, it makes good business sense.

LoyaltyOne's Mississauga facility is a LEED Gold building, with Canada's largest solar array consisting of 800 photovoltaic panels. The solar panels have, to date, generated approximately 121,000 kWh and eliminated approximately 84 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.  LoyaltyOne's aggressive waste diversion strategies have resulted in a 96 per cent diversion from landfill rate, and their impressive water management system has reduced potable water usage over a traditional facility by approximately 76 per cent. LoyaltyOne's continued efforts to engage their employees, their community, and other business leaders' heralds a true environmental leader who is a driving force behind change.

Living City Lifetime Achievement

Awarded to Don Prince for his remarkable dedication to land securement for public benefit.

There are few individuals who can lay claim to having successfully completed over 1,000 transactions to preserve over 15, 000 acres of land. Don Prince has done just that - negotiating land donations, fee simple transactions and convincing individual landowners to register conservation easements on their own properties.  That Don has achieved this remarkable record, not for his own financial gain, but as a humble paid employee of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, as a sometimes-paid contractor to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust and as a volunteer of the Ontario Farmland Trust, is even more admirable.  The benefits of this hard work - and many cups of tea - extend to all of us through the ecosystems, source water protection, habitats, physical land features and biodiversity that is removed from possible impairment and misuse.

A true champion of land protection, Don Prince has also served extensively in community, sport and faith-based organizations over the past four decades, contributing selflessly of his time and energy.

Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust

The ORMLT is a non governmental charitable organization dedicated to protecting the natural environment of the Moraine for future generations through the conservation of ecologically sensitive lands. The Trust's landowners and supporters are protecting and restoring 3,287 acres of land to preserve the health of the Moraine, an important source of clean water for the Greater Toronto Area. For information about the ORMLT, call 905-833-3171 or visit 


Toronto and Region Conservation

With over 50 years of experience, Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) helps people understand, enjoy and look after the natural environment. Our vision is for The Living City®, where human settlement can flourish forever as part of nature's beauty and diversity.  For more information, call 416-661-6600 or visit us at




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