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Peel Residents Invited To Take Action Against Climate Change To Make Life Better In Peel

Apr 22, 2010

(Toronto, April 22, 2010) - Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and The Region of Peel are making a call to action for Peel residents, businesses and organizations, to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. On Earth Day, April 22, the partners launched the Peel Carbon Calculator accessible through  A carbon footprint calculator is a tool to measure the amount of carbon dioxide produced by daily activities and will illustrate how different choices in eating, living, and travel can reduce personal carbon dioxide contributions to the environment.  A public awareness campaign will run for eight weeks in Peel through advertisements on buses, radio, televisions, restaurants, malls and community papers, to show Peel residents simple ways to make easy lifestyle choices that will have a real impact on Peel's response to the changing climate. Zerofootprint, a leading organization in the global fight against climate change, has customized a carbon footprint calculator to include Peel Region specific data and links to other government programs including Regional initiatives such as Water Smart Peel, Smart Commute and Grown in Peel, as well a number of area municipal and conservation authority programs related to conservation, sustainability and climate change.

"Climate change is one of the biggest environmental challenges faced globally but we must not forget that our local communities will be impacted greatly," said Chandra Sharma, Watershed Specialist, TRCA. "Government, businesses, and organizations need to work together to find solutions. However, this won't be enough unless individuals take simple actions in their daily life to lower their carbon footprint. Peel Residents have this amazing opportunity to use a customized Peel Carbon Calculator to learn about   how our we can change our daily choices of  living, eating , work, travel, shop, and play to reduce  the amount of carbon we release into the air.   We invite everyone to take this important first step in learning what their carbon footprint is and to try to reduce their carbon footprint today."

Through the program Peel residents will learn that the carbon they and their family emit through daily activities can impact climate change. According to Zerofootprint the average North American personally emits about 13 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year through personal activities where there are options that could reduce this number. Through the awareness campaign residents will also learn about issues surrounding climate change and sustainability and climate change initiatives of Region of Peel and their Partners, TRCA and CVC

 "Peel region is home to 1.3 million people and still growing faster than most regions in Canada," said Arvin Prasad, Director of the Planning Policy and Research Division in the Corporate Services Department, Region of Peel. "If even half of our residents do their part to make Peel more liveable it will create a positive impact on our community both now and for the future"

The public launch of the Peel Carbon Calculator was held at Peel Regional Council on Earth Day, April 22. The calculator will be available online at www.lifeisbetterinpeel as well as other events including the Peel Children's Water Festival on May 29, 2010 at Heart Lake Conservation Area at 10818 Heart Lake Rd.

Six partners, The Region of Peel, Town of Caledon, Cities of Brampton and Mississauga, CVC and TRCA, are taking climate change seriously in Peel and are developing a strategy to address how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a local level, and to prepare for local impacts due to a changing climate. To learn more about the Climate Change Strategy and Peel's Climate Action Plan please visit

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