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Family Day Event combines Ecological Understanding, Creative Solutions and Fun

Feb 09, 2016

The Emerald Ash Borer has devastated neighborhoods that were once bathed in the shade of stately Ash trees. But thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of a number of partners, what was once a tragedy is now a triumph. An upcoming community event is aimed at celebrating how teamwork has led to some inspiring solutions. A family day event, this Saturday, Feb. 13, will be held at the Toronto and Region Conservation’s Tree and Wood Recovery Centre at the Small Arms Building, 1352 Lakeshore Drive, Mississauga from 12 – 3 p.m.

The family event, held at the newly created TRCA Tree and Wood Recovery Centre in partnership with Sawmill Sid and the Toronto Waldorf School, features opening ceremonies with Mississauga Councilor Jim Tovey, a tour of the facility, a brief talk about Ash tree recovery and wood repurposing and displays of furniture and art made from repurposed Ash lumber. 

“This event is all about celebration in the face of an ecological tragedy,” Malaz Sebai, Project Manager, Waste Management, TRCA said. “Instead of simply throwing up our collective hands and saying this problem was beyond our help, people have joined forces to make something wonderful happen. Now schools are using repurposed Ash wood in their woodworking classes, furniture makers can take advantage of the new live-edge furniture trend and artisans can incorporate wood that might otherwise have gone to a landfill or been used for firewood.”

Sid Gendron of Sawmill Sid is pleased he was able to work with TRCA to establish a wood recovery location within the city. The end result is now Ash trees can be processed closer to home, cut to size for furniture makers and artisans without driving far out of the city.

“This is a perfect example of business, conservation, education and art are playing a role in dealing with a serious issue,” Gendron said. “People have been asking for something like this to be created and now it’s finally here. There’s no reason we can’t find a better solution to this problem other than chipping up Ash trees and sending them to a landfill. We can lessen our carbon footprint and get creative by working together, and we’ve done just that.”

During the event, children will be invited to build and decorate wooden crayon boxes, wooden cookies and Valentines’ Day hearts. There will be an oversized Jenga game in the courtyard as well as other activities. To add to the rustic feel of the day, guests can sample some hot apple cider and roasted marshmallows.

For more information, or to arrange an interview regarding the TRCA Tree and Wood Recovery Centre project, please contact:

Elizabeth Oakley,Toronto and Region Conservation, 416.274.2036

Sheila Storey, Sawmill Sid, 705.543.2508


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