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LiveStream is where we tell and share stories about the value of greenspaces, protecting and preserving wildlife habitats and building complete, sustainable communities. Here, you'll find print and online articles and videos from TRCA and other like-minded organizations that educate and enlighten readers and viewers about the importance of preserving watersheds, nature and wildlife. The stories of caring, committed people and organizations like TRCA come to life in The Living City.

Order trees online to help grow Caledon's tree canopy

Feb 08, 2016

The following tree seedlings are available through the program:

  • Coniferous (softwood) species include white cedar, white pine and white spruce, and the minimum order is 1 bundle (10 seedlings).
  • Potted deciduous (hardwood) species include black cherry, red maple, sugar maple, white birch, silver maple and red oak, and are sold on a per tree basis.

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