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Expert Advisory Panel Recommendations Can Help Prepare Toronto Region for the New Climate Era

Dec 09, 2015

Dec. 8, 2015, Toronto, ON – Implementation of recommendations made to the Ontario government by the Four Plans Advisory Panel will improve collective efforts to address the serious challenges facing the Greater Toronto Area in the new climate era.  As the regional agency responsible for watershed health in the most urbanized region in Canada, Toronto and Region Conservation, (TRCA), looks forward to working with all stakeholders in implementing the recommendations in support of its vision for The Living City.

Among recommendations in the report “Planning for Health, Prosperity and Growth,” released yesterday, the Advisory Panel on the Coordinated Review of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, the Greenbelt Plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and the Niagara Escarpment Plan, cites the need to preserve natural heritage, implement watershed/ sub-watershed planning policies and adopt more robust climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. 

TRCA Board Chair Maria Augimeri said the panel did an admirable job strengthening the work of TRCA and other conservation authorities. “This is a critical time,” Augimeri said. “These recommendations underscore the importance of what we do every day – overseeing the integrity of land and water across our jurisdiction and protecting natural systems from the pressures of urban development. They leverage TRCA’s value to residents as we address growth and climate change.”

The Four Plans Advisory Panel addresses the effectiveness of the Four Plans in balancing population growth with the protection of valuable resources. The report suggests tangible ways to curb urban sprawl and protect natural heritage. It also examines the impacts of climate change – more frequent severe storms and the need for bolstered flood management and infrastructure policies. Led by former Toronto Mayor, David Crombie, the panel advised the adoption of the recommendations within a five-year period.

“It’s clear that through public deliberations, stakeholder presentations and written submissions, this panel listened and understood what was important to the people,” Brian Denney, TRCA CEO said. “We appreciate the panel’s collaborative approach and look forward to the Ontario government implementing these recommendations through various mechanisms in the near future.”

The report focuses on six strategic directions for moving forward, including building complete communities, supporting agriculture, protecting natural and cultural heritage, providing infrastructure, mainstreaming climate change and implementing the plans. Emphasis is also placed on the use of green infrastructure and the very real challenges that will come from the expected growth of our region to an estimated 13.5 million people by 2041.

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