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Level 1 Low Water Conditions Advisory

Jul 19, 2012

Media Advisory

For Immediate Distribution

(Toronto, July 17, 2012)


Based on extremely low precipitation values and lower than average stream flows over the last two weeks, the Toronto Region Conservation Low Water Response Team (LWRT) has issued a Level 1 Low Water Advisory for all areas in TRCA's jurisdiction.

Toronto Region Conservation strongly encourages individuals to conserve water in order to achieve a reduction of 10% overall water usage.  This will assist in minimizing the impacts of low water on the aquatic ecosystem.  

TRCA requests that people comply with all municipal lawn watering restrictions in their area.  In addition, we encourage people to cut back on non-essential uses, both around the home and at work. Non-essential uses include activities such as lawn/garden watering and car washing. Businesses and commercial operations in and around the GTA are also encouraged to cut back on non-essential water use wherever possible (e.g., equipment washing, crop irrigation volumes etc.).

Please do your part to reduce water use. 

The TRCA will continue to monitor stream flow and precipitation, and reassess the declared condition at the end of July.

The purpose of the LWRT is to provide direction in the management of water resources to minimize the negative effects of low water conditions that may arise due to overuse of the resource in times of lower than normal precipitation, groundwater levels and stream flow.



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