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Partners in Project Green launches Eco-Efficiency Consultant Roster to help companies drive cost reductions

Mar 28, 2012


Media Release

For immediate distribution

(TORONTO, March 28) For organizations looking to identify and implement energy, waste and water reduction opportunities, Partners in Project Green has launched the Eco-Efficiency Consultant Roster. Consultants on the roster help organizations with:


  • Detailed resource audits and assessments for energy, waste and water reductions
  • Process integration studies
  • Energy and resource plannining
  • Implementation assistance


Local companies are encouraged utilize this resources as a way to connect to local eco-efficiency consultants who can help them identify and act upon cost reduction opportunities. Through the Eco-Efficiency Consultant Roster, companies can also learn about each consultant's past clients, read client feedback and ensure they're connecting to the right firm for their business. To connect to a consultant today, please visit

For consultants interested in getting on the Eco-Efficiency Consultant Roster, Partners in Project Green encourages them to apply, and to this end has released two companion documents to help with the application process: the Eco-Efficiency Consultant Roster Scorecard and the Public-Private Marketing Collaboration Program document.

The scorecard outlines the criteria against which potential roster consultants are evaluated, and explains the terms to which a partnering consultant must agree in order to become listed. To become listed on the Eco-Efficiency Consultant Roster, a company must score at least 80 per cent on the consultant scorecard and meet the requirements of the Partners in Project Green Public-Private Collaboration Program.

Consultants interested in applying to be on the roster can review the Efficiency Consultant Roster Scorecard and Public-Private Marketing Collaboration documents online at

For more information about the roster and how to apply, contact Partners in Project Green at


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