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Revamped Partners in Project Green Website

Mar 12, 2012


Toronto, March 9, 2012 -

Partners in Project Green introduced a new and improved website today that promises to engage online audiences with better functionality, enhanced sustainability opportunities and an expanded resource collection. Since its initial launch in 2010, the Partners in Project Green website has served as a virtual space for eco-minded businesses around Toronto's Pearson airport to access sustainability programming and resources. The revamped website presents a range of new features that hopes to attract new partner organizations, facilitate more connections among businesses, and make it even easier for companies to achieve their sustainability goals.


"The new website is rich with tools and opportunities that businesses can use to identify, implement and share sustainability efforts," says Chris Rickett, Senior Project Manager of Partners in Project Green. With over 12,500 businesses in Partners in Project Green's target area around Pearson airport, Rickett acknowledges that engaging every business is a challenge. "Our website presents a great opportunity to leverage the knowledge of the companies we've already worked with to help other companies become involved," says Rickett. "We can't reach all companies around Pearson individually, but through our website we can connect companies with shared sustainability goals and experiences, and provide tools and resources that companies can use to direct their own sustainability efforts."


Companies can use the website to identify sustainability solutions and connect to programs or vendors that can help them implement those opportunities. Online resources include searchable databases of sustainability opportunities, incentive programs, green vendors and businesses, and green business tools, that can help companies implement projects to support their sustainability programs.


Other resources include an extensive case study collection that companies can use as both a resource and as a means of sharing their sustainability program with business community peers and the broader community. Since the website allows users to search resources by sector and opportunity area, users can easily identify solutions that fit their specific organization's needs.


The website also allows partner companies to manage, promote and report back on their sustainability efforts. Companies that join Partners in Project Green as Partners or Business Ambassadors receive a range of programming support and assistance, while being recognized for their leadership with prominent placement within the Partners in Project Green Business Directory, Green Vendor Directory and Membership Information pages of the website.


By completing sustainability related projects, companies can earn Sustainability Opportunity badges that highlight a company's leadership and ongoing commitment to sustainability. The website allows companies to highlight the savings and results associated with their sustainability activities and can output a presentation slide that can be shared with colleagues and management.


The website is just one part of Partners in Project Green's strategy to help businesses save money and reduce their environmental impact. For more information, please visit

Partners in Project Green is a growing community of businesses working together to green their bottom line by creating an internationally-recognized Eco-Business Zone around Toronto Pearson. Through new forms of business to business collaboration, Partners in Project Green delivers programming that helps businesses reduce energy and resource costs, uncover new business opportunities, and address everyday operational challenges in a green and cost effective manner.

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