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Town Hall Challenge Reports on Canada's Most Energy Efficient City and Town Halls

Dec 08, 2011

Media Release

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(TORONTO, December 8)  Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), today released the top 15 most energy efficient town/city halls in Canada from the Town Hall Challenge, an initiative of the Mayors' Megawatt Challenge, a program managed since 2003 by TRCA. The challenge called on all municipalities across Canada to submit their utility data on their town halls. There were 60 municipal buildings that were included from every region in the country. The top 15 (top 25%) performers were identified and each participating municipality received a report on how their town hall ranked, its energy intensity per square foot and how much could be saved if it met a target of 20 ekWh per sq. ft.


 "City and town halls are at the heart of every municipality, and should be their flagships of sustainability," said Brian Dundas, Coordinator, Mayors' Megawatt Challenge Program, Toronto and Region Conservation. "A growing number of municipalities are leading the effort to lower energy use and cut emissions, however there's still work to be done with several using as much as three times more energy per square foot than other comparable facilities. If all buildings using over 20 ekWh per sq.ft were to achieve the target of 20, they would each save on average $118,000 per year in utility costs and associated GHG emissions."


The 2010 Top 15 Town/City Halls are:
1. City Hall, Town of Ladysmith, BC 11.5 ekWh/sq.ft.

2. Town Hall, Town of Rothesay, NB 14.1 ekWh/sq. ft.

3. Civic Complex, City of Pickering, ON 15.0 ekWh.sq.ft.

4. City Hall Annex-Vancity, City of Vancouver, BC, 17.2 ekWh.sq.ft.

5. City Hall, City of Fredericton, NB, 17.3 ekWh.sq.ft.

6. City Hall, City of Castlegar, BC, 18.0 ekWh.sq.ft.

7. City Hall, City of Hamilton, ON, 19.9 ekWh.sq.ft.

8. Niagara Region Headquarters, Niagara Region, ON, 20.9 ekWh.sq.ft.

9. Metro Hall, City of Toronto, ON, 21.2 ekWh.sq.ft.

10. City Hall, City of St. Catharines, ON, 21.3 ekWh.sq.ft.

11. City Hall, City of Richmond, BC, 22.5 ekWh.sq.ft.

12. City Hall, City of Dieppe, NB, 23.3 ekWh.sq.ft.

13. Municipal Hall, Resort Municipality of Whistler, BC, 24.0 ekWh.sq.ft.

14. Civic Centre, City of Mississauga, ON, 24.2 ekWh.sq.ft.

15. Administrative Centre, York Region, ON, 24.9 ekWh.sq.ft.

  "I am happy to see that our City Hall performed so well in this challenge.  The recognition is a testament to our commitment to reducing our corporate environmental footprint and being financially sustainable" said Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside.

The top 15 had an average building energy use 19.7 ekWh per sq.ft., about half had energy management plans, and most do not have established energy targets, though some are incorporating them into plans, particularly those with FCM's Partners for Climate Protection. Most have green teams or committees to help with occupant awareness and better behaviour practices and many work with their local hydro utility companies. The municipalities which had top performing buildings had the engagement of their council and senior management.

"We were very pleased to perform so well in the Town Hall Challenge. We asked that our community find ways to become more sustainable in their businesses and homes and it's essential that we as a municipality lead by example," said Doug Dickerson, Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Sustainable Pickering Advisory Committee.

The report also shows that the size of the municipality wasn't important: some of the largest and smallest municipalities have buildings in the top. When it comes to energy efficiency of a building, its age has little impact on its performance. Of the top 15, only four buildings were built in this century while five were built before the 1970s.

For the complete Town Hall Challenge Report please go to:

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