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New Sustainable Business Leaders Emerge from the Pearson Eco-Business Zone

Oct 14, 2011

Media Release

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TORONTO, October 14th, 2011 - Partners in Project Green announced the People Power Challenge and recipients of the 2011 Partners in Project Green Sustainability Awards at yesterday's sustainability networking event.

"This year's award recipients highlight how sustainability can be leveraged to not only reduce costs, but also realize new business opportunities," shared Chris Rickett, Senior Project Manager, Partners in Project Green.  "Thanks to the leadership of local companies in a range of sectors, we're really starting to see the fruits of a green economy in the Greater Toronto Area.

The awards recognize the innovative and inspiring work of local businesses that are embracing sustainability and realizing the business benefits of their actions.  Leadership in sustainability was evaluated in three areas:  technology and practice: Testing and/or implementing cutting edge environmental technologies or practice; behaviour: Integrating sustainability deeply into operational practice; influence: Inspiring and encouraging employees and peers to action on the environment. The winners were selected by a jury of their peers that includes the previous years' recipient.

The International Centre won the Partners in Project Green Leadership in Sustainability - Hospitality Award. The International Centre has worked to green its supply chain with dedication and determination.  From implementing it Sustainable Procurement Checklist and signing on the Greening Greater Toronto's Commitment to Buy Green, through to its commitment to providing local foods, the International Centre is leading in procurement practices.  As well, the efforts that have been made to change the corporate culture of the organization to one which is more environmentally minded, socially aware, and always engaging employees are inspiring.

The Lowe-Martin Group won the Partners in Project Green Leadership in Sustainability - Manufacturing Award. The Lowe Martin Group has implemented a Carbon Management program for all of its locations, and achieved carbon neutrality at its facility on Kestral Road.  This was done by implementing technologies and operational practices to reduce consumption, and strong employee engagement.  The Lowe-Martin Group strives to influence peers to action on the environment through awareness events for customers and employees.

Perennial Sustainable Solutions won the Partners in Project Green Leadership in Sustainability - Office Award. Perennial demonstrated a willingness to push the edge in renewable technologies while ensuring their own operations walk the talk of sustainability, as well as including and encouraging their employees in internal and external environmental initiatives.

Partner's in Project Green also launched the People Power Challenge.  This year long contest (November  1, 2011 - October 18, 2012) challenges businesses to get their employees involved in indentifying energy, water and waste reduction opportunities and improvements for their organizations. This year long challenge has three sub-challenges: 

Sub-Challenge 1 - Waste Reduction (November 1, 2011 - February 29, 2012)

Sub-Challenge 2 - Energy Efficiency (March 1 - June 30, 2012)

Sub-Challenge 3 - Water Conservation (July 1 - October 18, 2012)

Companies will be awarded points for achieving criteria in three categories: Communication and Engagement, Capacity, and Conservation. In each sub-challenge, the company that achieves the most points will win. The company that achieves the most points overall will win the overall People Power Challenge. Participating companies include: Mosaic Experiential Marketing, Husky Injection Molding Systems, TD Bank Group, Bosch, Ontario Natural Food Co-op, Maple Leaf Foods and Toronto Hydro.

To assist throughout the year-long challenge, Partners in Project Green will provide employee engagement tools, education materials and reporting templates that will make it easy for your team to engage your peers in generating ways to improve your company's environmental performance.

The People Power Challenge is a cross-sector challenge, and is open to offices, manufacturers, hotels, logistics organizations and others.  Companies of all sizes are encouraged to get involved. Results will be adjusted for numbers of employees per company to ensure accurate comparison.

To learn more and register your company for the People Power Challenge, please visit

About Partners in Project Green

Partners in Project Green is a growing community of businesses working together to green their bottom line by creating an internationally-recognized Eco-Business Zone around Toronto Pearson.  Through new forms of business to business collaboration, Partners in Project Green delivers programming that helps businesses reduce energy and resource costs, uncover new business opportunities, and address everyday operational challenges in a green and cost effective manner.




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