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LiveStream is where we tell and share stories about the value of greenspaces, protecting and preserving wildlife habitats and building complete, sustainable communities. Here, you'll find print and online articles and videos from TRCA and other like-minded organizations that educate and enlighten readers and viewers about the importance of preserving watersheds, nature and wildlife. The stories of caring, committed people and organizations like TRCA come to life in The Living City.

Wildlife & Habitat


Citizen scientists sought to protect wildlife TRCA launches Road Ecology Citizen Science Project April 7 in Vaughan

TRCA is launching a new initiative — the Road Ecology Citizen Science Project — using volunteers to help gather data on wildlife “road interaction”.


Scraping the bottom of the channel

This Toronto Observer article examines how PortsToronto prevents flooding by dredging the Keating Channel with ailing equipment that may not see tomorrow. The creation of Cell 1 and eventually Cell 2 at Tommy Thompson Park, using the dredged material are mentioned in this piece.


Great lake swimmers: Conservation experts are worried about the destructive impact Asian carp are likely to have on the Great Lakes ecosystem

In this article in Corporate Knights, freelance writer Andrew Reeves highlights the history and spread of Asian Carp in North America and the destructive force these fish can have on the Great Lakes. TRCA's Karen McDonald features prominently in the piece.


Decoding Climate Change Locally

Now that climate change is being recognized and plans put in place to tackle it, the work of TRCA is even more relevant and critical.


Fish Tales - Toronto Harbour Acoustic Telemetry Study

TRCA and researchers from Carleton University partnered to study the habits and movements of aquatic species in the Toronto Harbour. In this informative video, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how fish were tracked, studied and how the information will be used by experts in the future.


City approves 68 new environmentally protected areas

Municipal officials commissioned a scientific study that identified 68 new environmentally significant areas (ESAs) within municipal boundaries, and city council voted this month to insert them as protected zones in Toronto's official conservation plan.


VIDEO: From Tragedy to Triumph -- An Ash Tree Success Story

The destruction of thousands of trees in the GTA by a tiny insect known as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), has been a heavy blow for municipalities and their residents. A new video tells the story of how group of highly motivated and creative people joined forces to repurpose the wood devastated by EAB in surprising and lucrative ways.


Mississauga remakes Lakeview's long-lost waterfront

Stretching along Lake Ontario from the old Lakeview generating station to the Toronto line at Marie Curtis Park, the massive waterfront restoration project will re-create 26 hectares of wetlands, forest, meadow and beach destroyed to make way for military and industrial uses over the past century.


Tommy Thompson Park - An Accidental Eco-Oasis

The bustling city of Toronto has a well-kept secret - a unique offshore urban wilderness minutes from downtown that could offer other cities a way of mitigating the effect of intense development on threatened wildlife. Jim Drury reports.


Invasive Grass Carp Found in Toronto Island Harbour

Three Asian Grass Carp have been found in the waters around the Toronto Islands marina. In the evening hours of Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015, Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) staff caught two Asian Grass Carp while monitoring fish species in the area. The third was found late in the day on Wednesday, Sept. 2 in the same vicinity.


Search in Toronto's waterfront stepped down after no further Asian carps found

After more than 550 person hours, the coordinated search for Asian Grass Carp along Toronto's Lake Ontario waterfront by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) has been called off by DFO.


Invasive Grass Carp Found on Toronto's Waterfront

Two Asian Grass Carp have been found within a contained pond in Tommy Thompson Park along Toronto's Waterfront.